2020-2021 Board Members:

                    Kevin Rainey –               Past President         504-512-2625
                    Cory Stafford –               President                 985-768-9260
                    Matt Ward –                   Vice President          985-607-4409
                    Blaine Clancy –              Treasurer                 985-774-3481
                    Jonathan Gomez –        Sergeant at Arms     985-640-7004

2020-2021 Approved Event Dates:

  • Breakfast with Santa – December 5, 2020
      • Alternate: Breakfast with Easter Bunny – March 27, 2021
  • Father-Daughter Dance – March 6, 2021
  • Father-Son Camp Out Alternative Site – Mississippi Combat Training Academy (MCTA)
***** (As per CDC, State, & LDH guidelines) *****

    I wanted to Welcome and thank our new members and give a brief introduction to the Lake Castle Slidell Men's Club (LCSMC). For our returning members, your continued support is greatly appreciated.
    LCSMC is a non-profit service organization that provides support for the Lake Castle Slidell Private School community and provides additional opportunities for male parental involvement in school-related activities with their children and with other fathers at the school.
    LCSMC sponsors events such as Father-Son Camp-out, Blood Drives, Breakfast with Santa, Father-Daughter Dance, Movie Night, coordinating with the Lake Castle Slidell Parent's Club to participate in their events, etc.. Members do get DISCOUNTED rates for our sponsored events. Funds generated through LCSMC programs are used for various projects that benefit the students of Lake Castle Slidell. Our most recent project was the addition of the Lake Castle Slidell sign on Thompson Road. We currently have other projects in the works and would love to hear any ideas for future projects. We appreciate your help with making these events and projects a reality! Members of the Men's Club with specific talents can be very helpful to the school in advising, consulting, and manual labor capacities.
    I think everyone will agree, 2020 has been a challenge in many ways! Several events where we traditionally do membership sign up were cancelled before the school year began. I want to thank the new members again for going the extra mile to join and continue to ask our members to reach out to other fathers and invite them to join this awesome club. We are also asking for any other ideas to improve membership during this unprecedented school year.
    I also want to invite everyone to join us at Southside Cafe next Tuesday November 17th at 6:30 PM for our monthly LCSMC meeting which we have on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Attendance is not required to be a member but encouraged for us to share ideas and comradeship. Similarly membership is not required if a Lake Castle Slidell Father you know would like to attend a meeting and find out more about LCSMC.
Please reply by email (, on LCSMC FB page, LCS Parent's Club FB page, or by contacting a board member, if you are planning on attending this meeting so we can give Southside Cafe an accurate headcount.

Hope to see you there,

Cory Stafford - President
and the entire LCSMC Board!

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